About that Net Neurality...

2017-07-17 14:06:36 by TakashiKumuro

Net Neurality is really important for the modern world... People have their own freedom on the Internet... But if you did not understand what Net Neurality is, read this:

Net Neurality is the internet freedom that companies like Verison and Comcast try to "destroy", it is really important that we don't let that happen, if Net Neurality dissapears, the Internet is going to have it's biggest change, to the worse...

How are we going to be affected by this?

An example that everyone uses, is Netflix (it could be Hulu or Amazon Video as well), if Net Neurality did not exist, a company like Verison for example, will make Netfix pay more money to them, so it doesn't switch to the "slow lane" (slow lane is where websites have dramatically lower speeds). And if Verison likes Hulu more than Netflix (weird) it's going to give Hulu more speed... This is BAD for Netflix users.

How can I help to stop this?

Easy, just follow THIS link. It will take you to "Battle For the Net", there you can read more about this issue, watch videos and send a letter to the FCC defending Net Neurality but do it QUICKLY!

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For a better online world,
Takashi :)


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